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LB Shastri Cricket शाला

in association with Flyer Sports and Recreation® Pvt. Ltd., proudly present:


Talent Hunt


No more daydreaming

To target the bowling talent, this contest aims to seek the best pacers from all over India. The contestant will be given one complete over to demonstrate their talent. If Sanjay Bhardwaj Sir approves, the student will win the contest.

5 Winners. 1 Award.

The top 5 students in the contest will receive LB Shastri Cricket Shaala's 1-year program, absolutely for free!!!*. No more charges. Work hard under expert supervision, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, using all the Shaala facilities at no cost!!!

*All selected students will be contractually and legally bound to Flyer Sports & Recreation® Pvt. Ltd. for the complete academic year.

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This contest is open to all medium-pacers from the age of 17 to 23 years ONLY.


The contest will be held at the location, from where the maximum number of students will participate within India.

To Be Noted

This contest excludes facilities related to pick-up, drop-off, and stay. The LBS Cricket Family will not provide the contestant with any boarding or lodging.

Last Registration Date: 31st Oct'22

Never say never!

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